Kruševo – St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas – Sveti Nikola (Св Никола) in Kruševo (Крушево, Krushevo) This cathedral-style church dedicated to St. Nicholas is located in the center of Kruševo.  It serves as a magnificent landmark in this hilly region and its unique architecture is a departure from the style commonly used for churches built […]

Kumanovo – St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas – Свети Никола (Sveti Nikola) in Kumanovo (Куманово) This 19th century orthodox style church dedicated to St. Nicholas is located very close to the center of Kumanovo.  Many ceremonies are conducted here within the innate gallery interior with galleries and there is a separate building for the baptistery. […]

Ohrid – St. Nicholas (Sv Nikola Bolnichki)

St. Nicholas Hospital – Sv. Nikola Bolnichki – Св. Никола Болнички in Ohrid (Охрид) This hospital church, Sv Nikola Bolnichki, is located in the old part of the town Ohrid close to the lake and just opposite of St. Mary’s Hospital (Sv. Bogorodica Bolnička) The church was built in 1313.  […]