Pehčevo (Pehchevo) Waterfall

Pehčevo Waterfall – Пехчево Водопад – Pehčevo Vodopad (Pehchevo Vodopad)

The pictures in the gallery below were shot near the town of Pehčevo (Пехчево, Pehchevo) in the municipality of the same name, located in Eastern Macedonia close to the border with Bulgaria. This is a wonderful location in the Maleševo (Maleshevo) forest. The path to the waterfall is well marked with small some wood bridges made from limbs to make crossings easier.

There are picnic tables nested in quaint spots with intimate settings.  What I found intriguing were the signs warning you to be aware of the wild boar (дива свиња). According to the 2002 Macedonia census this small town had a population of 3067. Pehchevo is 10 kilometers north of Berovo and 28 kilometers south of Delčevo (Delchevo).



Google Map for the Village Pehčevo

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