Maleševo (Maleshevo)

The Maleševo (Maleshevo) Малешево Mountains

The Maleshevo mountains are part of the Osogovo–Belasica mountain range located on the Macedonia-Bulgaria border and on its western slopes you will find the town of Berovo. Maleševo is also a geographical territory referring to the region in Macedonia covering the municipalities of Berovo and Pehcevo and is also used to name the forests in the region.

According to local legend the name Maleševo is of Illyrian origin and comes from the words “mal” meaning mountain and “malesi” meaning mountain locality. Some scientists believe that toponyms such as Males and Maleshevo are actually derived from old Slavic words meaning a small forest or a small mountain.

Three things are certain: You can feel the healthy air in your lungs, the local food is fresh and wholesome, and the cheese and local dishes are absolutely astounding.



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