Ohrid – Holy Physicians (Mali Vrachi)

Holy Physicians – Mali Sveti Vrači (Mali Vrachi) – Мали Свети Врачи, (mali = small), also known as Saints Cosmas and Damian (Sv. Kuzman i Damjan)

This small church (hence why it is in the Church’s name, “Mali Vrachi”) built around 1325 is located a very short distance from the historic Church of Our Lady the Most Glorious (Sveta Bogorodica Perivleptos) and from the dedicated to Saints Constantine and Helen in the city of Ohrid.  The frescoes in the church were painted in the 14th century and the wood iconostasis, also from the 14th century is still preserved.1

Saints Cosmas and Damian are twin brothers who were physicians and early Christian martyrs.  They are also known to be patron saints of physicians and surgeons.



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