Ohrid – St. Erasmus

Saint Erasmus – Sveti Erazmo (Свети Еразмо)

On the E65 highway just a few kilometers from Ohrid you will find this jewel on the side of a rocky hill. During the 3rd century, St. Erasmus lived in this cave, healed the sick, and was very instrumental in spreading Christianity in this area.

This is a very nice setting amongst the shade trees and spiritual tradition.

Photos 7 and 8 show the entrance to the cave church and photo #9 is from within the cave itself. Photo #10 shows the entrance to the cave church upper right and the entrance to the modern church lower left. Photos 11 through 16 are from the interior of this modern church.

This cave church is also referred to as a “hospital church” and was a common practice in the area.

Another cave church dedicated to Sv. Ekaterina is located about 200 meters further up the same hill and the path leading to this church is just at the left of the main entrance to the building of St. Erasmus.



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