Dissan Vineyards

The Vineyards of Disan (Dissan) Hill at Vešje (Вешје)

In the heart of the Tikveš wine region, in the Negotino municipality, nestled between the villages of Gorni Disan (Горни Дисан) and Dolni Disan (Долни Дисан) in a location called Vešje (Вешје) is the treasured Dissan hill. The surround hills are often referred to as Disan Hills (Dissan Hills). Dissan (Disan) is famous for the premium wines that are produced from the grapes of these 50+ years old vineyards that are nurtured by a unique combination of its isolation, soil, weather patterns warmth of the sun, natural & organic cultivation among wildflowers, wheat fields, wild berries and mageriski trn (donkey thorns). The vines are pruned but the rest is left to nature and the wildflowers and other plants that nature provides are left alone.

I joined Kiril Bogevski, Aleksandar Bogevski, Boris Nečev in a wine-colored Lada Niva for a very long bumpy ride. For me it was a pilgrimage. The first gallery below covers the vineyards and the second gallery focuses on the wildflowers. In every row there is a different variety of flowers, such as poppies, chamomile, and lavender just to name a few which are highlighted in the third gallery. Here you can also see wild red poppies surrounding newly planted vines as though to look after them.


Dissan Vineyards


Wild Flowers


Grapes & Wild Flowers




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