Bovin Vinarija – Бовин Винарија Established in 1998 by Kiril and Gjorgji Bogevski, Bovin is the first family winery in Macedonia.  The winery’s trademark, “Bovin” is a fusion of the family name “Bogevski” and “Vino” (Macedonian for wine).  In its first year, the winery produced 120,000 bottles and through subsequent […]

Dolni Disan (Dolni Dissan)

The Wine Village of Dolni Disan (Долни Дисан) The wine agricultural village of Dolni Disan (Dolni Dissan) is located about 7 kilometers (12 minute drive) south of city center of Negotino, in the Tikveš (Tikvesh) wine region.  The hilly terrain surrounding this village is famous for its old vineyards, unique […]

Dissan Vineyards

The Vineyards of Disan (Dissan) Hill at Vešje (Вешје) In the heart of the Tikveš wine region, in the Negotino municipality, nestled between the villages of Gorni Disan (Горни Дисан) and Dolni Disan (Долни Дисан) in a location called Vešje (Вешје) is the treasured Dissan hill. The surround hills are often […]