Kostoperska Karpa – Kostoperski Rid

Kostoperska Karpa (Костоперска Карпа) – Kostoperski Rid (Костоперски Рид) If you leave Kumanovo on the E-871 (A2) highway headed east to Kriva Palanka, after about 9 kilometers on the left side of the highway you will encounter this basaltic monolith “Kostoperska Karpa”, a landmark dominating the immediate terrain. Note that […]


The Ancient City of Stobi Located near to Highway E-75 just north of the turn-off for Negotino, is one of Macedonia’s most famous archaeological sites. Stobi was created in a very strategic location, militarily and commercially, where the Crna Reka (Black River) joins the Vardar River. Stobi is first mentioned […]

Isar Fortress (Shtipsko Kale)

Isar Fortress – Исар Кале, Štip’s Fortress – Штипско кале This fortress sits on the Isar Hill overlooking the town of Štip (Штип, Shtip) and the Bregalnica river (also called Astibo, Astibos, Astibus) in central Macedonia.  Detailed records are not available but this citadel is believed to have been built […]

Skupi (Colonia Flavia Scupi)

The Ancient City of Skupi (Скупи) Skupi (Скупи) was built during the late 1st Century A.D. by the Romans and served as the Roman capital of Dardania. This archaeological site is located just north outside the modern day city of Skopje.  In 518 A.D. an earthquake leveled the city and […]

Skopje Fortress (Skopsko Kale)

Skopje Fortress – Скопско Кале – Skopsko Kale The Skopje Fortress  is located on the old part of Skopje overlooking the Vardar River.  The fortress, perhaps protecting a lost Roman city, was built in the 6th Century during the reign of Emperor Justinian I.   Additional walls were added during the 10th […]

Skopje Aqueduct (Skopski Akvadukt)

Skopje Aqueduct – Скопски аквадукт – Skopski Akvadukt Just a few kilometers outside Skopje in the village of Vizbegovo (Визбегово) is this ancient Roman aqueduct.  It is believed to have been built around the 1st century to serve the city of Skupi (Скупи, Scupi) during the Roman Empire. The aqueduct […]

Samuel’s Fortress

King Samuel’s Fortress – Samoil’s Fortress A fortress on the hill in Ohrid is first mentioned by Livius in 3rd Century BC. In 969 AD, an uprising began in Macedonia against the Byzantine Empire. After the successful defeat of the Byzantines, King Samuel (also, Czar Samuil) began his reign and […]

Plačkovica Basilica (Plachkovitsa)

Plačkovica Basilica – Plachkovitsa – Плачковица A short drive from Štip will bring you to Mount Plačkovica (Plachkovitsa) in Eastern Macedonia. Near the summit of Lisec on Mount Plačkovica we discovered this recently unearthed ancient basilica.  Studying the nearby terrain, one can easily discern the strategic location of this basilica. Nearby […]

Ohrid – Plaošnik Baptistery

Plaošnik Baptistery (Плаошник) near Sv. Panteleimon (Св Пантејлемом) The recently excavated Plaošnik Baptistery is just meters from the ancient basilica and adjacent to the Church Monastery St. Panteleimon (Sv. Pantelejmon) =overlooking Lake Ohrid.  The mosaic floors date between 4th & 6th century A.D. The symbols laid within the mosaic patchwork are […]

Ohrid – Plaošnik Basilica (Plaoshnik)

Plaošnik Basilica – Плаошник Базилика – Plaoshnik Bazilika The Plaošnik Basilica (Plaoshnik) ancient Christian Basilica is located on the hill in an area known as Plaošnik in Ohrid just below King Samuel’s Fortress.  Along with the Amphitheater, the basilica is one of the few visible monuments remaining from the ancient […]