Skupi (Colonia Flavia Scupi)

The Ancient City of Skupi (Скупи) Skupi (Скупи) was built during the late 1st Century A.D. by the Romans and served as the Roman capital of Dardania. This archaeological site is located just north outside the modern day city of Skopje.  In 518 A.D. an earthquake leveled the city and […]

Skopje Fortress (Skopsko Kale)

Skopje Fortress – Скопско Кале – Skopsko Kale The Skopje Fortress  is located on the old part of Skopje overlooking the Vardar River.  The fortress, perhaps protecting a lost Roman city, was built in the 6th Century during the reign of Emperor Justinian I.   Additional walls were added during the 10th […]

Skopje Aqueduct (Skopski Akvadukt)

Skopje Aqueduct – Скопски аквадукт – Skopski Akvadukt Just a few kilometers outside Skopje in the village of Vizbegovo (Визбегово) is this ancient Roman aqueduct.  It is believed to have been built around the 1st century to serve the city of Skupi (Скупи, Scupi) during the Roman Empire. The aqueduct […]

Skopje – Stone Bridge

The Stone Bridge – Kamen Most (Камен Мост) in Skopje (Скопје) One of Skopje’s most visible landmarks and the city’s symbol, is this stone bridge that connects the modern center of Skopje to the old town and bazaar (Stara Čharšija, Stara Charshija, Стара Чаршија).  A bridge existed here during the […]