Tikveš Lake – St. George (Polog Monastery)

Saint George – Sveti Gjorgji – Polog Monastery – Полошки Манастир (Pološki Manastir) on Lake Tikveš

This 14th century church dedicated to St. George and the Polog Monastery is located in the heart of wine country on the shore of Lake Tikveš. This monastery is only approachable by lake and we took a very scenic 2 hour boat ride not only to see the church and monastery but also to help deliver supplies. This setting is not all that is beautiful. Some of the frescoes inside the church are stunning. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed. Some of these frescoes are unique, such as the one depicting Jesus using a ladder on the cross, one of Judas returning the money he was paid and then hanging himself, and the one on the west wall showing Jesus touching many, even cheek to cheek, an intimacy not commonly seen.



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