Beljakovce – St. George (Beljakovo Monastery)

Saint George – Sveti Gjorgji in Beljakovce, Beljakovo Monastery (Manastir).

The village of Beljakovce is located about 30 kilometers east of Kumanovo, Macedonia. Our goal was to take a nice family hike from the village through the hills to the Beljakovo Monastery. We rolled into the heart of the village mid-morning and pulled up to the zadruga. Every village has a zadruga.   It’s basically like a general store, usually the only store in town and also serves as a meeting place.

We asked the proprietor to contact Dragi, as Dragi maintains the key to the monastery. While waiting for Dragi to come to the zadruga, I saw a donkey tied up outside and I asked the owner if he wouldn’t mind letting the kids ride the donkey. He was very accommodating.

Dragi soon appeared and delivered us the keys, I bought the donkey’s owner a beer and we drove down to the river, parked the car and set off on our hike. This village itself is scattered among a 5 kilometer area and makes for a very picturesque walk. We arrived at our destination, Beljakovo Monastery and the Church, Sveti Gjorgji, dedicated to Saint George. The church is located near a natural spring that is believed to have healing powers. The church is believed to have been built during the middle ages on the foundation of a Roman church and destroyed in 1689. The church was later restored in 1894.  On the dirt road to this monastery there is another church dedicated to St. Nicholas.

The first two galleries below show the exterior and interior of the church while the third gallery covers the ruins of perhaps the 14th century living quarters and administration building of the original monastery.








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