Beljakovo Monastery

Beljakovce (Beljakovtse)

The village of Beljakovce – Село Бељаковце Beljakovce is  located about 30 kilometers east of Kumanovo in the northern part of Macedonia.  According to page 35 of the Macedonia Census in 2002, this village has a population of 64 inhabitants in 30 households1.  We enjoyed a nice walk through the […]

Beljakovce (Beljakovtse) – St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas – Sveti Nikola in Beljakovce (Бељаковце, Beljakovtse) Today’s family journey was a five kilometer hike through the village of Beljakovce (Beljakovtse) on the way to see Saint George (Sveti Gjorgi) Beljakovo Monastery. Approximately 2 kilometers into the hike, from the village dirt road I spotted what I thought […]