Pivka Winery

Pivka Winery – Пивка Винарија

Founded in 2002 by Pane Andov and his son Kire, this family run small-boutique winery “Pivka” is located in the town of Negotino. The winery owns 4.5 hectares of vineyards and has a capacity of 300,000 liters (400,000 bottles).  This is a very hospitable winery for wine tours and intimate degustations and this is evident through their dedication and commitment to making quality wines and pleasing their customers.

For white wines, Pivka crafts wine from the Chardonnay, Riesling, and Traminec varietals.  The Traminec is made from the Pink Traminec grape and is an exquisite and rich wine with nice aftertaste.  What is remarkable about the Traminec is that you can readily detect the qualities of the grape and taste the grape itself, as if you were eating it.  Their rosè is made from Pinot Noir grapes using a highly controlled process for this delicate varietal.

For red wines, Pivka produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon Premier, Merlot, Vranec, Vranec Barrique, and Vranec Premium. One can easily see where the focus is here and they prepare excellent wines.  Their Cabernet Sauvignons are dark ruby red in color and features great cherry and blueberry flavors. The Merlot features softer tannins and great forest fruit flavors such as blackberry. The Vranec is an intensely deep dark ruby in color and has complex dark fruit aromas and flavors.

Pivka produces wine for the local and regional markets and exports wine to Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Germany, USA, UK, Slovenia, Kosovo, and Croatia.


Contact Information

  • Web: http://www.winerypivka.com.mk/
  • E-mail: pivka@t-home.mk
  • Telephone: +389 (0) 43 371 416 / +389 (0) 43 371 418
  • Address: “Industriska zona” bb 1440 Negotino Macedonia
  • Manager: Kire Andov
  • Oenologist: Blaže Petkov


Driving Directions

The Pivka Winery is located in Negotino which is approximately 95 kilometers south of Skopje on the main highway (E-75) to Gevgelija.  The drive will take you anywhere from 1 hour 15 minutes to an hour and a half depending on your driving habits.

  • About 53 kilometers after leaving Skopje you will pass the town of Veles.
  • After another 27 kilometers you will see the turn off for Stobi. Keep driving south.
  • The turn off for Negotino is about 14 kilometers after Stobi.
  • When you get to the exit for Negotino, turn right at the first crossroad after passing the Makpetrol fuel station.
  • At the next intersection (after a short distance), turn right again. After taking this right turn, you will need to take an immediate left.
  • Turn right on the next street and this will lead you to the Pivka Winery.

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