Kališta (Kalishta) – St. Mary

The Church of the Holy Virgin – Света Богородица (Sveta Bogorodica) in Kališta (Kalishta, Калишта) – Kalishta Monastery (Калишкиот Манастир)

This monastery is located four kilometers south of Struga in the village of Kalishta on the western edge of Lake Ohrid. This church dedicated to St. Mary began in a cave in the 14th-15th century in the high rocks and later expanded into a monastery complex to include another church, residential and administrative buildings.    This monastery complex has been inhabited by nuns for many years now.

The cave church, Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Рождество на Пресвета Богородица) is located in the rocks above the main church. The frescoes in the cave date from the XIV and XV centuries.1




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