Popova Šapka (Popova Shapka)

Popova Šapka – Попова Шапка (Popova Shapka)

Popova Shapka, part of the Šar Planina (Šar mountain range, pronounced “Shar”) is a peak and ski resort in Northwestern Macedonia just west of the town of Tetovo.   The peak Popova Šapka reaches 1780 meters (5840 feet).

To reach Popova Shapka from Tetovo you will need to travel west on route R1209 for 21 kilometers of zig zag turns.  Be careful to watch out for an oncoming car that might be trying to “straighten out the curve” by encroaching into your lane.

Popova Šapka is well-known in the area as a winter destination but in the warmer months it is also a great destination for cycling and hiking.  In fact, this location is also the starting point for the annual hike/climb to Titov Vrv, the highest peak in Macedonia.



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