Ohrid – Lychnidos Amphitheater

Ancient Theater of Ohrid (Lychnidos)

The city of Ohrid is built on top of the ancient city of Lychnidos. Because of this, much of Lychnidos cannot be excavated and the Amphitheater is one of the few monuments still visible today from Lychnidos. Another such visible monument from the days of Lychnidos is the Christian Basilica located at Plaošnik, also featured on this web-site. This theater is said to be the only one in Macedonia still remaining from the Hellenistic period. The other ancient theaters to be found in Macedonia were built later in the Roman period.

The theater covers four thousand square meters and is strategically located on a hillside and is protected from the wind. In the 2nd picture, on top of the highest hill, you can see King Samuel’s fortress. The theater was built in the 3rd Century B.C. In the 2nd Century B.C., the Romans arrived and added seating. Distinguished members of the audience have their names engraved on their seats in the auditorium. In 2002, the Republic of Macedonia reconstructed parts of the theater and it can now seat 1700 people. The theater has now become an important part of the Ohrid Summer festival.



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