Mount Kozjak

This mountain is located on the Macedonian border with Serbia.  The highest peak is Virovi (Вирови) at 1,284 meters (4213 feet).  There are other geographical references to Kozjak in Macedonia:

  • Another mountain located in the Prilep area
  • Two villages, one in the Resen and one in the Karbinci munipalities
  • Name of a Hydro Power Plant

One of Macedonia’s important monasteries, the Karpino Monastery (Karpinski Manastir) dedicated to St. Mary is located in the foothills of this mountain near the village of Suvi Orah.  North of the border on the other side of the mountain in Serbia is another famous monastery, The Monastery of Venerable Prohor of Pčinja, or commonly referred to as Prohor Pčinjski.  It was at Prohor Pčinjski on 2 August 1944, that the Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) held its first session.



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