Mariovo (Region)

Mariovo – Мариово

Mariovo is a beautiful region in southwestern Macedonia located between the town Bitola and Tikveš Lake.  The region is broken down into sub-regions: Bitolsko, Prilepsko and Tikveško.  The area is famous for its iconic vistas, villages, meadows and mountains, and rock formations.  The pictures in the gallery below are taken of the area close to Bitola.  The pictures of the lake are of an artificial lake called Suvodol (Суводол).

The corners of the region are anchored by historical and cultural heritage monasteries such as the Treskavec Monastery near Prilep and the Polog Monastery at Lake Tiveš.  Cutting its way through the beautiful landscape and the stony terrain is the Black River (Crna Reka).  The prevalence of stone in this area has led to the creation of some great stone architecture featured in villages such as Gradešnica (Gradeshnitsa), Staravina, Rapeš (Rapesh) and Zovik.

The region is also known as Land of Mary, Mary’s Land (Мариина земја, Mariina Zemja) and the Roman name Morina (Морина).



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