Tikveš Wine District


Traikovsky Winery – Трајковски Винарија Traikovsky is a family-owned winery and distillery located in the village of Krnjevo (Крњево) that has been carrying forward the family tradition since 1922. The village of Krnjevo where is located 28 kilometers south of Kavadarci and 126 kilometers (2 hour drive) south of Skopje […]

Tikveš (Tikvesh)

Tikveš Winery – Винарија Тиквеш Founded in 1885, this winery, the largest in South Eastern Europe, is located in the town of Kavadarci in the heart of the Tikveš wine region.  In 2003, through new ownership and investment, the winery has taken a holistic approach to making wines, from the […]


Povardarie Winery – Винарија Повардарие Established in 1963, the Povardarie Winery located in the town of Negotino began with 25 employees and a 2 million liter capacity.  In 2008 the winery was purchased by Vino Župa, a wine and juice company based in Aleksandrovac, Serbia.  Today, the winery has an […]

Popova Kula

Popova Kula Winery – Винарија Попова Кула Founded in 2004, this family winery and its vineyards are located on the south slopes of the Grand Hill (Veliko Brdo) west of the lovely town of Demir Kapija close to the highway E-75.  The winery is named after the famous Popova Kula […]


Popov Winery – Винарија Попов Founded in 2001, this family winery “Popov” and its vineyards are located in the heart of the Tikveš wine region on the outskirts of the village of Sopot, about seven kilometers north of Kavadarci.  Here the winery owns and operates 45 hectares (111 acres) of […]

Pivka Winery


Pivka Winery – Пивка Винарија Founded in 2002 by Pane Andov and his son Kire, this family run small-boutique winery “Pivka” is located in the town of Negotino. The winery owns 4.5 hectares of vineyards and has a capacity of 300,000 liters (400,000 bottles).  This is a very hospitable winery […]


Filovski Winery – Винарија Филовски Founded in 2005, by Zarko Filovski and his sons Nikola and Paskal, this family winery is located in the village of Prždevo (Przhdevo), in the sun enriched hills east of Demir Kapija.  The winery has a capacity of 100,000 liters. The boutique winery crafts three […]

Elenov – Villa Marija

Elenov Winery – Винарија Еленов The Elenov Winery, until 2016, operated at the site of the the oldest winery in the Balkans.  This historical site is where King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia and Queen Maria established their royal winery and their summer home in 1928 which they named Villa Maria. A […]


Dudin Winery – Дудин Винарија Located near the town of Negotino in the Povardarie wine region of Macedonia, Dudin is a family winery with the tradition of passing on the knowledge and craftsmanship of wine making from one generation to the next.  The winery has an intimate setting for a […]


Bovin Vinarija – Бовин Винарија Established in 1998 by Kiril and Gjorgji Bogevski, Bovin is the first family winery in Macedonia.  The winery’s trademark, “Bovin” is a fusion of the family name “Bogevski” and “Vino” (Macedonian for wine).  In its first year, the winery produced 120,000 bottles and through subsequent […]