Dolni Disan (Dolni Dissan)

The Wine Village of Dolni Disan (Долни Дисан)

The wine agricultural village of Dolni Disan (Dolni Dissan) is located about 7 kilometers (12 minute drive) south of city center of Negotino, in the Tikveš (Tikvesh) wine region.  The hilly terrain surrounding this village is famous for its old vineyards, unique climate and soil in producing probably the finest grapes for wine making in all of the Balkans. Indigenous grapes such as Vranec and Smederveka do exceptionally well here.  The wineries that are fortunate enough to source some grapes from the Disan Hills use these grapes to produce their premium wines.  The hills are perfect for drainage, the location has great climate (right balance of sunshine and precipitation) and nature provides the flora, herbs, wild flowers, and berries that influence these varietals.  The road to the village is great condition for any normal passenger vehicle but if you plan to head to the hills, you will need a tractor, a 4×4 such as Lada Niva, or a great pair of walking shoes and lots of water.



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