Daily Archives: May 2, 2016

Ilinden Monument

The Ilinden Monument – Споменик Илинден, also known as the Makedonium – Споменик Македониум This historical landmark and the symbol of Kruševo (Крушево, Krushevo) is a monument to the Ilinden Uprising in 1903 against the Ottoman Empire.  The term Ilinden derives from Sveti Ilija (St. Elijah) as it was on […]

Buševa (Busheva)

Buševa (Busheva) Mountains – Бушева Планина The Buševa (Busheva) Mountains are located in western Macedonia at Kruševo (Krushevo).  Kruševo is on the slopes of Busheva’s highest peak, Musica (Мусица) at 1788 meters (5,866 feet) giving Krushevo the honor of being the ‘highest’ town in Macedonia. This area was the site […]