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Zovik (Zovich)

The Village of Zovik – Зовиќ– Zovič The village of Zovik located in the Mariovo region in southwestern Macedonia is about 51 kilometers east of Bitola alongside the Gradeskha River, a tributary of the Black River (Crna Reka).  At the time of our visit to see the “Movie Bridge” featured […]


The Village of Staravina – Село Старавина Thе village of Staravina located in the Mariovo region in southwestern Macedonia is about 51 kilometers east of Bitola northern slopes of the Nidze Mountains. The Nidze Mountains form part of the border with Greece and the highest peak is Kajmakčalan (Kajmakchalan). Wonderful […]

Ohrid (City of Pearls)

The City of Ohrid (Охрид) The city of Ohrid by the lake of the same name is a jewel in the Balkans. In 1979 the city was designated by UNESCO as a Cultural World Heritage Site. This popular tourist destination is a cultural treasure brimming with churches, monasteries, a few ruins, […]

Malovište (Malovishte)

Malovište – Malovishte – Маловиште Malovishte is a mountain village located in the Pelister National Forest about 24 kilometers east of Bitola (Битола) in southwestern Macedonia.  Malovište hosts great village architecture featuring stone houses with stone roofs, cobbled stone streets and stone bridges. Here there is a church dedicated to […]

Gradešnica (Gradeshnitsa)

The Village of Gradešnica – Градешница (Gradeshnitsa) The village of Gradešnica (Gradeshnitsa), located in the Mariovo region in southwestern Macedonia is about 55 kilometers east of Bitola and at the Gradeshka canyon and river.  At the entrance to the village you will find the 15th century church dedicated to St. […]


The Mountain Village of Gari – Село Гари This village, part of the Debar municipality, located in western Macedonia is about nine kilometers south of Lazaropole, 20.5 kilometers east-southeast of Debar and 50 kilometers south of Mavrovo in the Bistra mountain massif.  Тhis village is one of the more picturesque and […]


The Village of Dihovo – Село Дихово – Selo Dihovo The picturesque village of Dihovo is located in the foothills of Mount Pelister in southwestern Macedonia, about 7 kilometers west of Bitola.  A great setting with wonderful air, hospitality and villas offering rooms to let, makes this village a great […]

Brajčino (Brajchino)

The Village of Brajčino – Брајчино (Brajchino) The village of Brajčino (Brajchino)  in southwestern Macedonia close to the eastern shore Lake Prespa is an exemplary model of hospitality, vitality and ecotourism. It sits just on the edge of the Pelister National Forest on Mount Baba.  It is 30 kilometers south of the […]


Bitola – Битола This city is located in the Pelagonia Valley at the foot of the Baba Mountain Massif in south-western Macedonia.  Bitola is about 70 kilometres east of Ohrid (about 70 minute drive on a good day), 33 kilometres east of Resen,  66 kilometres southwest of Prilep and about […]

Beljakovce (Beljakovtse)

The village of Beljakovce – Село Бељаковце Beljakovce is  located about 30 kilometers east of Kumanovo in the northern part of Macedonia.  According to page 35 of the Macedonia Census in 2002, this village has a population of 64 inhabitants in 30 households1.  We enjoyed a nice walk through the […]

Vardar River

Vardar River – Вардар Река The Vardar is the main river in Macedonia. The river begins near Gostivar in northeast Macedonia and heads south through the capitol city of Skopje, through Veles and Demir Kapija until it enters Greece near Gevgelija1 and continues until the Aegean Sea. This is also the […]