Св Ѓорѓи

Pelince – St. George

Saint George – Свети Ѓорѓи in Pelince (Пелинце, Pelintse) This chapel dedicated to St. George is located in the ASNOM Memorial Park in the village of Pelince. Pelince is about 27 kilometers north of Kumanovo on route R1207.  The ASNOM Memorial Park is dedicated to the first session of ASNOM, […]

Kurbinovo – St. George

Saint George – Sveti Gjorgi (Св. Ѓорѓи) – Kurbinovo (Курбиново) This monastery dedicated to St. George is located near the eastern shore of Lake Prespa on the slopes of Mount Pelister of the Baba Mountain Massif near the village of Kurbinovo (municipality of Resen).  An inscription above the altar informs us […]

Gradište (Gradishte) – St. George

Saint George – Sveti Gjorgji – Свети Ѓорѓи in Gradište (Градиште, Gradishte) This church and monastery, dedicated to Saint George the Dragon Slayer is located near the village of Gradište (Gradishte), was built in 1868 in a forest on Gradishkiot Hill (Градишкиот рид). The architectural style of the church is […]

Deljadrovci – St. George

Saint George – Sveti Gjorgji (Свети Ѓорѓи) in Deljadrovci (Дељадровци) – Deljadrovski Monastery –  Дељадровски манастир This church, near the village of Deljadrovci, is located right on the E75 highway and is a very familiar sight to those who have traveled between Kumanovo & Skopje or just headed south from […]