Mountains in Macedonia

There are two mountain ranges that extend into the Republic of Macedonia. In the west there are the Šar Mountains (Shar, Šar Planina) and in the east are the Rhodope Mountains (Rodopi Planina) also known as the Osogovo–Belasica mountain chain. The two highest mountains in Macedonia, both located in Western Macedonia, are Mount Korab, (Golem Korab) at 2,764 meters (9,068 feet) above sea level (this peak is shared with neighboring Albania) and Tito’s Peak, (Titov Vrv) at 2,748 meters (9,016 feet) above sea level, the highest peak entirely within the borders of Macedonia. There are over 34 peaks in Macedonia that exceed 2000 meters.1


In central Macedonia there is the Jakupica massif, featuring it’s highest peak, Solunska Glava 2,540 meters (8,333 feet) and it is said that on a clear day, you can see the city of Thessaloniki. Most visitors to Macedonia have seen Skopska Crna Gora (Skopje’s Black Mountain), the mountain range located between the City of Skopje and the border with Kosovo, but due to the lack of height of its peaks, Ramno is the highest at 1,651 meters (5,417 feet), the range is not as popular a destination. But many of the other mountain destinations, such as Kožuf in the south near the border with Greece offers year round fun of skiing, biking, and hiking.



Baba Massif

The Baba Massif (Baba Planina) is located near the city of Bitola. It has the third highest peak in Macedonia, Pelister at 2,601 meters (8,533 feet). Pelister mountain is also home to two glacial lakes known as Pelister’s Eyes. The Big Eye is 2,218 meters (7,277) above sea level and the Small Eye is at 2,180 meters (7,152).2


Pelister’s Peak                                                           Izvidnica Vanguard

Mtn01 Pelister 2014-06-28 004       Mtn02 Pelister 2014-06-28 246


The Baba Massif is also home to the Pelister National Park featuring a beautiful forest featuring a five-needle pine, wild flowers and mountainous woodland fauna and the Pelagonia Trout. This is the oldest and second largest national park in Macedonia and covers 171.5 square kilometers


Pelister National Park

Mtn03 Pelister 2014-06-28 025



Near the town of Strumica and stretching sixty kilometers towards Lake Dojran (insert link), is the Belasica mountain range. Elevation ranges between 300 and 2000 meters (984 and 6,562) with the highest peak being Radomir at 2029 meters.4 This mountain range is also home to some beautiful waterfalls nestled in the forests.

Smolare Water Fall                                                       Kolešino Water Falls

 Mtn04 Smolare 102906 027         Mtn05 Koleshino 102906 186


Bistra Massif

Home to famous mountain villages such as Galičnik, home of the Galičnik Wedding Festival (Galičnik Svadba), the four season resort town of Mavrovo, and on the Western edge of the massif is the Jovan Bigorski Monastery. The highest peak is Medenica at 2,163 meters (7,096.5 feet) above sea level and the second highest peak is Trebiška Rupa at 2,154 meters (7,067 feet).

Mtn06 Galicnik 111100 05




Mount Galičica provides spectacular vistas of Lake Ohrid, Lake Prespa, and other mountains. Magaro at 2,254 meters (7,395 feet) is the highest peak. Between the two lakes is the Galičica National Park covering 227 square kilometers.5

Mtn07 Galicica 20120710 1003



This mountain is located right on the border between Macedonia and Albania near the town of Štruga. Jablanica is reportedly one of the few areas where the Balkan Lynx, national symbol of Macedonia that is featured on the 5 Denar coin, still can be found.6 Even some glacial lakes can be found in Jablanica’s topography.

Mtn08 Jabalanica 100204 029-1


Korab Massif – This massif is located on the border between Macedonian and Albania and runs in a North-to-South direction. The most well-known peaks are Big Korab (Golem Korab) 2,764 meters (9,068 feet) above sea level and Little Korab (Mal Korab) at 2,683 meters (8,802). Every year on Independence Day, 8th of September, the government opens access for the annual public climb.

Mtn09 Mount Korab 090807 009



Kozjak mountain is located on the Macedonian border with Serbia. The highest peak on Mount Kozjak is Virovi at 1,284 meters.

Mtn16 Kozjak 092307 024


Maleševo (Maleshevo)

The Maleševo (Maleshevo) mountains in the Osogovo–Belasica mountain chain are located on the Macedonia-Bulgaria border and on its western slopes you will find the town of Berovo.

Mtn17 Maleshevo 010908 2041


Nidže Massif

The Nidže massif (known as the Voras mountains on the Greek side of the border) is located south of Bitola. It’s highest peak and the fifth most highest in Macedonia, is Kajmakčalan at 2,524 meters (7,395 feet) above sea level, is located right on the border with Greece. Here you can also find the Church St. Elijah that serves as a World War I memorial dedicated to fierce and victorious Serbian resistance.

 Mtn10 Kajmakcalan Flowers 062406 024


Osogovo Massif

This massif located in Eastern Macedonia approximately 110 kilometers (68.35 miles) long and 50 kilometers (31.07 miles) wide and the highest peak is Ruen at 2251 meters (7,385 feet).7 Just a few kilometers away from the town of Kriva Palanka you can find the monastery dedicated to St. Joachim of Osogovo (Sv. Joakim Osogovski), or simply known as the Osogovski Monastery. Another popular destination in these mountains is the Ponikva ski area which is a short drive east and a little south of Kratovo (due east of Probištip), with an elevation of 1560 meters (5118 feet) offers spectacular views and a ski resort Here you can enjoy a great day of family fun, skiing & sledding.

Mtn11 Ponikva 123007 021



This massif is located near the cities of Štip and Radoviš in southeastern Macedonia. The highest peak is Lisec at 1,754 meters (5,755 feet).

Mtn12 Plackovica 2008-05-11 009


Popova Šapka

Part of the Šar mountain range (Šar Planina) and one of the lower elevations at 1,780 meters (5,840 feet), this is a very popular destination in the winter time for its ski facilities.

Mtn13 Popova Shapka 012007 002


Tito’s Peak – Titov Vrv

Part of the Šar mountain range (Šar Planina), this is the highest peak in Macedonia at 2,764 meters (9,068 feet) above sea level and is located about 20 kilometers northwest of Tetovo. Originally called the Golem Turčin (The Big Turk), the name was officially changed during the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to honor Josip Broz Tito.

Mtn14 Titov Vrv 052508 239



This mountain that overlooks the city of Skopje crests at 1,066 meters (3,497 feet).

Mtn15 Vodno Views 042107 036