Lakes in Macedonia

There are two tectonic lakes, Lake Ohrid (Ohridsko Ezero) and Lake Prespa (Prespansko Ezero), located in the southwest corner of Macedonia, and an another tectonic lake, Lake Dojran (Dojransko Ezero), located in southeast of Macedonia.   A tectonic lake, also known as a rift lake, is created by the movement of the tectonic plates that form the earth’s crust leaving a depression or basin where water then collects and forms a lake. Lake Prespa and Lake Orhid, separated by Mt. Galicica are actually connected by the rift. Due to Lake Prespa being at a higher elevation than Lake Ohrid, water follows the rift underground from Lake Prespa and feeds into Lake Orhid.


Lake Ohrid

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Lake Prespa

Ez02 Ribarsko Selo 071607 209


Lake Dojran

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Artificial lakes

Lake Matka

Ez04 Matka 2001 29


Lake Mavrovo

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Lake Tikveš

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Other artificial lakes in Macedonia include:

  • Lake Berovo, near the town of the same name is kept refreshed by the inflows of the Bregalnica river.
  • Lake Debar, also known as Spilje lake, is near the town of Debar in Western Macedonia, is the second largest artificial lake in Macedonia.
  • Lake Globočica, about 20 kilometers northwest of Štruga.
  • Kruševo Lake (Kruševo Ezero), also called Gumenje
  • Lake Mladost (Ezero Mladost) also known as Veles lake (Veleško Ezero), is located about six kilometers from the town of Veles.