Rapeš (Rapesh)

Rapeš – Rapesh – Рапеш

This village located in the Mariovo region in southwestern Macedonia is about 36 kilometers east of Bitola on the eastern slope of Selečka (Selechka) Mountain close to the Black River (Crna Reka).  There are three necropolises in Rapesh from the Iron Age: Karanka (Каранка), Slamite (Сламите) and White Stone (Бел Камен).  There is also a necropolis from the late antique period Chuki (Чуки) and a settlement from the Roman period called Lisichin Stone (Лисичин Камен).1

The village of Rapesh is one of the handful of villages in the Mariovo region that features remarkable stone architecture such as Gradešnica (Gradeshnitsa), Staravina and Zovik.  According to the 2002 Macedonian Census, Rapeš had a population of 46 citizens living in 21 households.



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