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Skopje – Holy Saviour (Sv. Spas)

Church of the Holy Saviour, Sveti Spas (Свети Спас) in Skopje (Скопје) This 16th century church dedicated to the Ascension of Jesus Christ or Holy Saviour, Sveti Spas in Macedonian, is located near the Old Bazaar (Stara Charshija) just below the Skopje Fortress (Skopsko Kale).  The church is inside a […]

Sv. Spas - Holy Saviour in Skopje

Church of St. Demetrius in Skopje

Skopje – St. Demetrius

St. Demetrius, Sv. Dimitrija (Свети Димитија) in Skopje (Скопје) This cathedral style church dedicated to Saint Demetrius is located in the center of Skopje across the Old Stone Bridge on the other side of Ploshtad (Skopje main plaza) in the Jewish Neighborhood below the Skopje Fortress (Skopsko Kale) just past the […]


The Village of Ljubojno – Љубојно The village of Ljubojno is located in southwestern Macedonia on the edge of the Pelister National Forest on Mount Baba near the eastern shore of Lake Prespa.  This picturesque and peaceful village of stone architecture is a great spot for ecotourism and nature activities. […]

Stone architecture in the village of Ljubojno

Mustafa Pasha Mosque

Mustafa Pasha Mosque –  Mustafa Paşa Camii – Мустафа Пашина Џамија This mosque built in 1492 in honor of Mustafa Pasha, vizier (minister) for the sultans during the period Macedonia was part of the Ottoman Empire.  The marble plaque above the entrance not only indicates (in Arabic) the year the […]