Klečovce (Klechovtse)

The village of Klečovce (Клечовце, Klechovtse)

Klechovtse is about 22 kilometers east of Kumanovo (Куманово)and is located close to the Pčinja (Пчиња, Pchinja) and Kriva (Крива) Rivers.  We were visiting friends in the nearby village of Strezovce (Стрезовце, Strezovtse) and took a short hike between villages.  First, we came across an old mill straddling the Kriva Reka (Крива Река) and later a very nice and hospitable Baba treated us to shade, refreshments and the current going-ons of the local area.

The Kriva River is a tributary of the Pčinja River which is a tributary of the Vardar (Вардар) River. According to the 2002 Macedonian Census, Klečovce had a population of 573 in 199 households.



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