Kruševo – Holy Savior

Monastery of the Holy Savior – Свети Спас (Sveti Spas) near Kruševo (Крушево, Krushevo)

We had enjoyed a day at the Pivo Fest (Beer Festival) with beautiful weather but just as soon as we got onto the road to Kruševo it began to rain. While on the main road from Prilep to Kruševo, we saw a little a little sign marked “Manastir Sv. Spas” (Holy Savior) with an arrow pointing to an unpaved side road.

Feeling adventurous, we decided to make a go of it with our Honda, not knowing how far the monastery was from the main road or the quality of road (path) conditions. The country lane wasn’t too bad, at one point we had to ram through some water but we made it to the monastery.

We didn’t find too much information regarding this monastery other than it was built in 1836.  Another landmark church located in Krushevo is dedicated to St, Nicholas.



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