Alternate Uses of Rakija – Using Rakija

Alternate Uses of Rakija – Using Rakija for Purposes Other Than Imbibing Below is a list of “Alternative Uses” for using rakija. Please note that the below suggestions are results from questionnaires, interviews, feedback and observations from all over the Balkans and are not uniquely attributable to Makedonija. For the […]

Making Rakija (5 Stages)

Making Rakija – The Basics Making rakija involves five main stages: harvest, preparation for fermentation, fermentation, distillation and aging & storage. The distillation process involves heating the fermented fruit to separate the alcohol from the water and pulp. This alcohol rises into the coils or pipes leading from the top […]


Introduction to Rakija

Introduction to Rakija – the Balkan Spirit Rakija, Ракија, Rakia is a distilled spirit made from fermented fruit, in other words, brandy. In Macedonia, rakija is generally made from white and/or red grapes, though some areas such as Kichevo and Berovo do make rakija from plums.  Rakija can also be […]

Tasting Rakija

Tasting Rakija – Introduction              The three basic components to “tasting rakija”or to judge a rakija or any brandy/cognac or any fruit spirit when tasting are: color, nose and palate. The color of a rakija can add or detract from one’s experience but color is […]