Alternate Uses of Rakija – Using Rakija

Alternate Uses of Rakija – Using Rakija for Purposes Other Than Imbibing

Below is a list of “Alternative Uses” for using rakija. Please note that the below suggestions are results from questionnaires, interviews, feedback and observations from all over the Balkans and are not uniquely attributable to Makedonija. For the purposes of this chapter, please note that there are three man types of rakija: 1). The normal rakija you ingest (drink), 2). The high alcohol content that contains methanol (very harmful or even lethal when ingested) that is separated from rakija for drinking, and 3). Rakija with very low alcohol content that normally occurs at the end of the distillation.


These Rakija Applications are Not Necessarily Proven or Endorsed by the Editor. Use at Your Own Risk!!!


  • Medicinal
    • One shot of rakija a day can help prevent heart disease.
    • Rakija can be great for diets as rakija without additives does not have any carbohydrates or fat.
    • To treat mosquito bites.
    • As an aperitif, can increase your appetite.
    • As a digestif, Stomaklija and Travarica will aid digestion.
    • Taken shortly after waking up in order to accelerate metabolism.
    • When rakija is added to hot tea with lemon and honey, it helps one suffering from a flu or cold.
    • Rakija is useful as a disinfectant, internally and externally, and can work as an anti-septic (topically).
    • Treat sore throats and towels soaked in rakija can help reduce fevers.
    • As a hand sanitizer.
    • Apply to cold sores to dry them out.
    • Taken first thing in the morning, rakija can help cure hangovers.
    • Can be used as an oral rinse for toothaches or sore gums.
    • Rub on the temples of your head to treat headaches.
    • For soaking tired and/or sore feet.


  • Cleaning
    • When applied directly to a stain on your shirt, it greatly increases the odds of the stain coming out in the wash.
    • For wine stains on the carpet, first treat with salt and then rakija (preferraby bela).
    • Cleaning bugs off of car bumbers, grills and etc.
    • Rakija with low alcohol content and low taste is great for cleaning windows, i.e, from the tail of distillation.
    • As a paint stripper or for cleaning paint brushes.
    • For cleaning hairspray off of mirrors.
    • Mixed with wax based shoe polish can bring a high shine to shoes.
    • For cleaning Dry Erase Boards and removing the hard stains and reside left behind.
    • Great for spraying on a duster and cleaning venetian blinds or the blades of ceiling fans. Rakija can be great for dusting and removing grime that on which dusts adheres.
    • Sprayed on a scratch free microfiber cloth can be used to clean electronics such as flat screen TVs, mobile phones, keyboards and etc.       Please note to use only pure rakija without any additives or barrel aging as they may contain oils or other compounds that are not electronic friendly.
    • For cleaning LP albums.
    • Rakija with very high alcohol content can be used as a degreaser for cleaning kitchen appliances, surfaces or shop tools.
    • For shining chrome.


  • Other
    • Rakija with high alcohol content and low taste is also great as a fuel substitute for Zastavas.
    • For deicing windows.
    • As charcoal starter, to light charcoal or kindling when making a fire to grill. This prevents the petroleum taste from possibly getting into the food.
    • To dissolve common adhesives or remove labels.
    • As a substitute for rubbing (isopropyl ) alcohol, but for more many uses isopropyl is better because it stronger and evaporates faster.


One of the great advantages of using rakija is that rakija is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. It can be much safer to use in the home environment that many manufactured cleaning chemicals and compounds.

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