St. Michael

Peshna Cave (Peštera Pešna)

Peshna Cave – Пештера Пешна  – Peštera Pešna (Peshna’s Cave) This cultural monument, cave of Peshna, is located about 7 kilometers North-Northeast of the town of Makedonski Brod in the Poreče region of central western Macedonia. Makedonski Brod is 40 kilometers, about a 43 minute drive northwest of the city […]

Berovo – St. Michael (Berovo Monastery)

St. Michael – Holy Archangel Michael – Св. Архангел Михаил in Berovo – Берово, Berovo Monastery – беровски Манастир The Berovo Monastery, a female monastery (convent) and church dedicated to the Holy warrior, Archangel Michael is located in Southeastern Macedonia in the town of Berovo near the Maleševo (Малешево) Mountains.   An inscription […]

Varoš (Varosh) – St. Michael

Saint Michael – Holy Archangel Michael – Sveti Arhangel Mikhail – Varoš (Varosh) This monastery complex and church dedicated to St. Michael is located on a wondrous granite laden hill near the Prilep village of Varoš (Varosh). Construction of the original church is believed to have occurred during the late 1100s. Underneath the […]