Vevchani Carnival

Vevchani Carnival (Вевчански карнивал, Vevčanski carnival) The Vevchani Carnival, one of the most renowned village festivals in the Balkans, is an annual event held on the 13th and 14th of January to coincide with the Orthodox New Year on the Julian Calendar.  It is said that this festival has been […]

Dolneni Folk Music Festival (Pece Atanasovski)

Dolneni Music Festival – Dolnenskiot Festival – Долненскиот фестивал (The Dolneni Music Festival id commonly called the Pece Atanasovski Festival – Пеце Атанасовски Фестивал) This annual festival held in the village of Dolneni, 17 kilometers north of Prilep was founded in 1973 by Pece Atanasovski.  Pece, born in Dolneni in 1925, […]