Daily Archives: April 19, 2016


Тhe City of Prilep (Прилеп) Prilep is located in the northern part of the Pelagonija Valley in Central Macedonia and is the 4th largest city in Macedonia with a population of around 67,000.  Prilep in itself is a cultural and heritage center for Macedonia and serves as a great hub […]

Dolneni Folk Music Festival (Pece Atanasovski)

Dolneni Music Festival – Dolnenskiot Festival – Долненскиот фестивал (The Dolneni Music Festival id commonly called the Pece Atanasovski Festival – Пеце Атанасовски Фестивал) This annual festival held in the village of Dolneni, 17 kilometers north of Prilep was founded in 1973 by Pece Atanasovski.  Pece, born in Dolneni in 1925, […]