Prilep Pivo Fest

Prilep Pivo Fest – Прилеп Пиво фест –  Prilep Beer Festival

Pivo Fest is an annual beer festival held in Prilep during the month of July featuring local, regional and international beers. The festival is held in the city’s main square ‘Alexandria’.  As the beer Zlaten Dab (Златен Даб, Golden Oak) is brewed in Prilep by the Prilepska Pivarnica (Прилепска Пиварница, Prilep Brewery), there are banners everywhere and a cold one readily available should you desire to “reach for it”.

One of the mainstays at the Prilep Pivo Fest is skara (grilled meat) and there are many vendors available offering succulent pork and other grilled meats.  Famous barbecue from Leskovachka Skara (Лесковачка Скара), a type of Serbian BBQ, is an annual favorite.  This multiple day festival also features live music in the evenings. It is estimated that this festival attracts 200,000 visitors to Prilep annually.



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