Plačkovica (Plachkovitsa)

Plačkovica – Plachkovitsa – Плачковица

A short drive from Štip (Shtip, Штип) will bring you to this mountain, Plachkovitsa, in Eastern Macedonia.  Near the summit of Lisec (Лисец) and the Zrnovska River gorge we discovered an old basilica, a great hike, mountain goats and wonderful views.  We even discovered the ruins of an old Christian Basilica here.

The Plačkovica mountain is rich with canyons, rivers, waterfalls, passages, caves and high cliffs.  The mountain is split into two halves, western and eastern, by the Zrnovska River.  Lisec is the highest peak at 1754 meters (5,755 feet) and is located on the eastern side.  On the western side, the highest peak is Turtel at 1,689 meters (5,541 feet).

Three beautiful canyons, Kamnik, Kozjak and Zrnovka, await the nature adventurer.  There are also five caves that can safely be explored: the Big Cave, Kjup, Dahlia, Turtel and Ponor.  All five have cave decorations and thrill for the not so claustrophobic.



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