Slepče (Slepche) – St. John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist (St. John the Forerunner) – Sveti Jovan Preteča (Св. Јован Претеча) – Slepče (Слепче, Slepche)

The Slepche Monastery and the church dedicated to John the Baptist is located in the Demir Hisar municipality near the village of Slepče.  As St. John, prophet and baptizer of Christ preceded Christ, he is also known as St. John the Forerunner.

Based on a triodion (Orthodox liturgical book) with a transcription in 1393, the original church located here was as early as the 14th century.  During the 16th century the monks in this monastery were very busy in transcribing old books. Many of the manuscripts prepared by monks during this time are still preserved. Records regarding the destruction of this monastery have not surfaced but the new church you see today  was built in 1862 and the frescoes were painted in 1889 by Kosta Atanasov of Kruševo (Krushevo).

A sweet and darling lady named Sofka, picture number 3 below, served as our guide.



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