Isar Fortress (Shtipsko Kale)

Isar Fortress – Исар Кале, Štip’s Fortress – Штипско кале

This fortress sits on the Isar Hill overlooking the town of Štip (Штип, Shtip) and the Bregalnica river (also called Astibo, Astibos, Astibus) in central Macedonia.  Detailed records are not available but this citadel is believed to have been built during the middle ages by King Marko.  King Marko (Крали Марко) was the King of Serbia from 1371 to 1395.

During the Roman period it is believed that this area was part of the province of Paeonia1.  The term “Astibo” has been used as the name of the river as well as the ancient city that now lies under the town of Štip (Stipion).  This fortress is one of many such fortresses built on strategic locations such as the Skopje Fortress, King Samuel’s Fortress in Ohrid and King Marko’s Fortress in Prilep.



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