Skupi (Colonia Flavia Scupi)

The Ancient City of Skupi (Скупи)

Skupi (Скупи) was built during the late 1st Century A.D. by the Romans and served as the Roman capital of Dardania. This archaeological site is located just north outside the modern day city of Skopje.  In 518 A.D. an earthquake leveled the city and the inhabitants left the destroyed city and moved to the fortress (Skopsko Kale).

Originating as a military camp in 2nd century BC, the city later obtained municipal status and became known as Colonia Flavia Scupi or Colonia Flavia Aelia Scupi1.  The city features a large amphitheater built during the reign of Hadrian.  Other features include streets, basilicas, a mansion, public restrooms, and a necropolis located on the eastern and western ends.



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