The Ancient Town of Bargala

Bargala is an archaeological site located in the Bregalnica region close to the town of Štip.  This town was built between the 4th & 6th centuries during the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire) and served as part of the Roman provinces Macedonia Salutaris and Dacia Aureliana. Bargala is also noted as one of the rich areas of urban activity in Macedonia and was subject to many raids by barbarians due its wealth.1

Only a fraction of this city has been uncovered. The photo galleries following the initial gallery cover the different parts of Bargala that have been unearthed: Basilica (Large & Small), Baths, Main Hall, Necropolis, Ovens (Bakery / Pekara), Reservoir  & Storage.

Very close by (200 meters) to this ancient Byzantine town is this 9th Century Church dedicated to St. George.

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  1. Jelena Jarić. The Barbarian Incursions on Macedonia in the Early Middle Ages: Defining Chronology, Geography and Factors, p16.

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